Knights of the Northern Kingdom

"Nyborg Kampdage", the Battle Market the second weekend in September.

Experience an authentic medieval atmosphere around one the most important castle ramparts in Danish Medieval history.

The building of Nyborg castle was begun in the 1170s. It became an important military and strategic installation. The castle's was without a doubt from the 1170s to 1560. 
The Danish Parliament, the "Danehof", met here and the castle was the royal residence of Danish Kings and heirs to the Danish throne.

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Weapon’s Art and War Games

When nobles and kings met in the past they had a following of men and warriors with them. They trained and entertained with their weapon’s art and war games which helped prepare them for the ferocious medieval battles.

The knight is underlying basis of Nyborg Castle’s presentation of Danish medieval history. This warrior caste lived according to special rules and cultivated a warrior art that makes the knight the European equivalent of the Japanese samurai. Only through “modern day warrior’s” studies of the sources and subsequent testing is it possible to make this art and knowledge come alive.

Jousting Ground for Modern Day Warriors

Today knights from Northern Europe meet at Nyborg Castle to practice, show of their skills and reenact a full medieval battle. This recreates the atmosphere of the late medieval court’s splendor and colors on a scale not seen since the Middle Ages. It is a live presentation in the original spot and apart from the battle the knights will compete among themselves for best fight show.

The old royal castle will once again echo with the cries of battle and the crashes of swords on helmets and shields. Experience authentic medieval atmosphere in the original setting in one of the most important castles in Danish medieval history – Nyborg Castle.

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