A rejuvenating sleep in Nyborg

Nyborg is the Heart of the Kingdom of Denmark. 

Througout the centuries Kings and Queens have stayed in Nyborg. The "Danehof", the important national assembly, met here. Welcoming guests and making them feel well-cared for during their stay is a tradition that runs deep in Nyborg. The city has a nice variety of top-rated hotels and accommodations that suits your particular needs.

Overnight Stays

Nyborg welcomes visitors to find relexation in the sceninc surroundings by the ocean or in the historical downtown.

Start your day by enjoying the sunrise over the Great Belt, "Storebælt", from one of the hotels located with direct access to excellent beaches. If you prefer a pleasent home environment, the city hotel and the many Bed & Breakfasts hosts invite you to stay in intimate, cozy surroundings.

If you are looking to go camping or boating, Nyborgs central location is ideal. All the camping sites are beautifully situated with direct access to the beach. A perfect location for your family to relax and enjoy fun day trips to many sights and attractions.

Comfortable stays at the Eastern Funen Hotels

The hotels take care of all your practical needs so that you may enjoy your stay in Nyborg - The Heart of the Kigdom of Denmark.